Venice Art & Architecture Biennale, glamour and unconventional parties

The Venice Biennale Art and Architecture is among the most important events of the beautiful lagoon and also the oldest exhibitions dedicated to the contemporary art works.

Biennale with Palazzina, faithful to its chameleon-like nature that makes it an unconventional meeting point of authors, stars, performers, gypsetters, is the principal epicentre of Venice’s worldliness, in a kaleidoscope of appointments, as parties and after dinner definitively not to be missed.

A charming destination for great happenings for Art and Architecture and expositions organised by prestigious international Art Galleries such as Gogosian, as well as internationally renowned artists, including Nico Vascellari and Maurizio Cattelan, our Hotel in Venice, during the Biennale vernissage, is ready to transform itself in the heart of glamour.

From the official and invitation-only dinners at the exclusive after-dinner Club in Venice, with world-renowned DJs, we are confirmed as the Venetian place to be.

An elegant setting, enhanced by characteristic atmospheres and materials, made unique by the presence of one of the two Krug Lounge existing throughout the world, a space in Venice where to discover innovative combinations for an unforgettable experience in the course of the Venice Biennale.

Art/Architecture Biennale