Events in Venice, parties throughout the year

Are you dreaming events in Venice able to surprise you making you live a new and exciting evening? Palazzina is ready to give you the most intense and beautiful moments that you can experience.

An unconventional Carnival, without the classic, traditional Venetian costumes and with events that will leave you wide-mouthed.

With us you will be pleased with a Carnival atmosphere, sensual and shrouded in mystery, just like the Venetians used to enjoy in the 1900s!

A glamour and original Carnival dedicated to the amazement with nonconformistperformances for an unusual adventure.

The New Years begin with different premises …

A Halloween party featuring thrilling atmospheres and surprises not to be missed, in a unique setting.

Everything is completed by culinary creations, amazing combinations, colours and music.

To celebrate the best awaited events in our 5 stars Hotel, with fantastic events, allows you enjoying incomparable, inspiring and not conventional experiences.

Browse through the gallery and let you be surrounded by distinctly and diversified sensations!

Carnival, Halloween, New Year's Eve