An idea for an unusual holiday

PalazzinaG, the 5 star Hotel in Venice offers an outstanding opportunity to enter in a world full of class and elegance of a very original and unique establishment.

The Hotel, overlooking the Grand Canal, is only a short distance from famous landmarks, landscapes of incomparable beauty and parts of the city which have become symbols.

You can find many offers in these pages, so to discover and to quickly reserve them throughout the year. They are the perfect way to learn about the rich artistic and cultural background of the city, to enjoy emotional moments of passion or to simply immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the lagoon.


  • *Culture by Design, 57th Art Biennale*%"Culture by Design" is a special offer for those who love art and culture, an authentic journey through the artistic masterpieces...
  • *Romantic Getaways*%Enjoy your romantic stay in Venice
  • *Luxury Experience with a special gift*%The offer of the hotel 5 star in Venice's historical center continues with Luxury Experience at PalazzinaG, a special rate with which you will live the...
  • *Spg Design Hotels meets Starwood*%PalazzinaG, as a member of Design Hotels, had the pleasure to become part of SPG program. Are you an SPG member? Do you want to earn and redeem your...
  • *Venice or Rome? Why choose?*%A different approach for the trip of your dreams, the most romantic cities seen with a contemporary eye!
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